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Eats Echoing the flavors of the Mexican streets.

Adrian's Mexican Street Food in Texas offers more than just food; brings to life the essence of Mexican street cuisine. Each taco and cake served is a story and a tradition, a part of the rich Mexican culture. In Texas, known for its cultural diversity and love of bold flavors, Mexican street food has been warmly embraced. The authentic flavors of Mexico have found a new home. Adrian's is proud to be part of this culinary movement, providing dining experiences that are a feast for the palate and a bridge between cultures.

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At Adrian's Mexican Street Food, our mission is to bring the vibrant, authentic flavors of the streets of Mexico and, with every bite of our tacos, transport our customers to a celebration of culinary culture and craftsmanship. Driven by excellence, we select the best ingredients, ensuring that each dish we create is a masterpiece, committed to reflecting the warmth and values that represent Mexican hospitality .



Our vision is that through franchising we can expand and establish our brand worldwide.

Join the vibrant growth of Adrian's Mexican Street Food,

where your franchise dreams can flourish with authenticity and innovation. With five dynamic physical locations and 2 to 4 digital restaurants within each, Adrian's harmonizes traditional flavors with modern conveniences. We proudly announce that three additional brick-and-mortar restaurants are on the way, signaling our relentless expansion and unwavering commitment to success. As a future Adrian's franchisee, you are entering a thriving business and poised for exponential growth. Be part of a visionary community, where every location is a testament to progress and every digital interaction is a promise of possibilities. Grow with us, grow with Adrian's.


Embark on a prosperous journey with Adrian's Mexican Street Food, boasting impressive average unit volume (AUV) and an affordable entry point into franchise ownership. Effortless investing generates exceptional returns, making the path to profitability admirably simple. Our model is designed to make it easy to get started and achieve success.


Immerse yourself in in-depth franchising education, backed by ongoing support from a dedicated and knowledgeable team who provide exceptional guidance and mentorship to keep your staff performing at their peak.


The simple menu attracts consumers and workers effortlessly. With this Mexican street food franchise, direct profitability applies from a single location to a wide network.


Adrian's Mexican Street Food has an average unit volume (AUV) of $1,300,000*. These figures clearly indicate that AMSF is a successful model for both novice and experienced franchise owners.


In 2022, the industry's market size reached $88.1 billion, up from $71.66 billion in the previous year. - December 5, 2023.  The global appetite for Mexican cuisine has increased, resulting in substantial growth for the Mexican restaurant sector. Its broad appeal, attributed to a rich variety of tastes, has solidified Mexican food as a prominent dining option. - August 1, 2023 There has been a significant revival of Mexican cuisine in the United States, delighting the taste buds of foodies from coast to coast. Whether it's authentically prepared street food or innovative culinary twists, the vivid flavors and depth of cultural heritage continue to earn a place on American menus. - July 1, 2023.

Key information about Adrian's Mexican street cuisine.

WHAT IS Adrians?
Mexican street food?

Adrian's Mexican Street Food offers an authentic culinary journey reminiscent of Mexico's vibrant taco scene. Our mission is to recreate the genuine experience of savoring traditional tacos in the bustling heart of Mexico. Like popular restaurants located in garages, humble garages converted into restaurants or those located along bustling sidewalks and avenues, Adrian's invites you to a unique combination of atmosphere and flavor. Imagine the rich flavors and sizzle of roast meats as you approach one of our friendly street stalls - this is the essence of dining with Adrian's. We bring to the United States not only the flavor but also the soul of Mexican street food. Our tacos are made with unparalleled attention to detail, combining fresh, high-quality ingredients and our own innovative touches that set our food apart. At Adrian's Mexican Street Food, our goal is to provide a feast for the senses, a place where every bite transports you to the heart of Mexico's taco culture.



Our menu, enriched with authentic family recipes passed down from generation to generation, is the essence of our passion. It is a celebration of childhood memories and traditional culinary craftsmanship that boldly sets us apart from the competition.

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Miguel Jiménez Our CEO was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, and grew up savoring the taste of cecina tacos, a flavor he greatly missed after moving to Katy, Texas at the age of nine. He remembers how the locally available southern Mexican dishes could not satisfy his longing for the genuine flavors of his childhood home. This longing sparked an aspiration to recreate the street-style tacos he loved as a child for his new community. Dedicated to this vision, he began saving every penny from the age of 16. In 2004, his dream materialized at Adrian's Mexican Street Food, a taco shop in Katy, where he passionately shares the distinctive flavors of his native Tampico.


Adrian's Mexican Street Food serves fresh, homemade tacos with the true taste of Mexico. Each taco is packed with street flavor and topped with fresh cilantro, onions, and homemade sauces. The cozy place is full of energy, like a busy street market, and makes everyone feel welcome. It's the perfect place for any meal: a quick bite, family time, or a fun date. Adrian's is all about big flavors, friendly faces, and bringing the lively spirit of the Mexican streets right to your table.

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Our menu

Why Adrián's? Simple: Our menu shines with favorites perfected over 20 years. We stick to the best sellers to make it easy and tasty. Everything is made from scratch and is truly authentic, capturing the heart of Mexican street food. Choose Adrian's for a delicious flashback to the lively streets of Mexico - it's authentic, fun and simply irresistible!

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Join our Adrian's team!

Adrian's Mexican Street Food is looking for entrepreneurs who love the restaurant industry. Whether you are experienced or new to the business and want to own a restaurant, let's connect. Discover the essence of Adrian's, where authentic Mexican flavors meet a proven business model. Let's join together to grow and share the happiness of genuine Mexican cuisine!


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